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suisaiga's Journal

the girl with a fork in a world of soup.
7 July

Suisaiga is a simple girl who lives in a boring place. she is quite a lonely person, she has always been since she was a child.
she isn't much talkative either, yet she thinks she's a good person to be friends with.

downy, drum:kan, tamio okuda, quruli, suneohair, remioromen, supercar, sparta locals, art-school/riki kinoshita, perfect piano lesson, asian kung-fu generation, syrup16g, fujifabric, anatakikou, analogfish, go!go!7188, de stijllia, love love straw, inugami circus-dan, kalimero, guruguru eigakan, kasu, nookicky, guniw tools, lab., onsa, nananine, super butter dog, pool, the pillows, straightener, onsoku line, redrum, sleepy.ab, fishmans, soulsberry, anny's LTD., zanzow cafe, mucc.

non jap: MY BLOODY VALENTINE, black rebel motorcycle club, oasis, the subways, franz ferdinand, autolux, art-brut, the smashing pumpkins, lush, caesars, simian, the creatures, the libertines, editors, art-brut, the stranglers, betheny curve, blur, kasabian, interpol, jefferson airplane, the cribs, nirvana, the strokes, the stone roses, placebo, marion, loop, hardcore superstar, patti smith.

she likes tiny and cute things, and small gifts, as long as made with love. she likes Christmas, but she pretends she doesn't. she likes to see the rain mixed with the traffic lights at night. she likes to see the city lights slowly being turned off at dawn. she likes when everybody is happy to see her as she returns home

BLEACH + DEATH NOTE, GTO [anime and j-dorama], snatch, lock stock & 2 smoking barrels, sleepy hollow, tim burton-ness, cockney, ENGLAND, JAPAN, japanese language, webdesign, graphics, art, arnold boecklin, mark ryden, max ernst, salvador dalì, marcel duchamp, internet, photography, law related subjects, fashion & haircuts, icon-making, collages, melon & watermelon, fancy lamps.

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this should be me

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imsick&apos;s Last.fm Weekly Artists Chart

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耳の奥でネジは廻りだし痛いから僕は泣き出した僕は君を求めすぎるからもう何も感じない地下鉄のベンチに座りこむ 僕に笑いかける浮浪者は昔 見た映画の花嫁と同じ笑い方で そう―――――。もう うまく針が刺さらない 昨日からずっとはいらないみんなと同じピアノとおもちゃ箱がほしいの連れ子のふりをしてナーバスになりたがる彼女は真似をしてキャンドルに灯をともすそんな ただ妄想に沈み込むプラチナ製のベットで ほら―――――。Deep in my side Deep in my side 僕のこの手の中にSickness my life Sickness my life 落ちる君を見るよDeep in my side Deep in my side 僕のこの手の中にSickness my life Sickness my life 落ちてゆく。。。plastic tree - gin no hari [thanks nejimaki.net]

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Dislikes:16: antique cafe, ayumi hamasaki, dir en grey, ignorants, internet explorer, közi, loud people, malice mizer, mana, moi dix mois, most vk, paris hilton, people who ask too much, stupid people, the darkness
100x100, 9mm parabellum bullet, alexey titarenko, angura-kei, animal crossing, animals, anime, anti-gackt, aoi haru, arnold boecklin, art, art-school, asian kung-fu generation, battle royale, bleach, blue spring, csi, de stijllia, death in venice, death note, deathnote, downy, drum:kan, england, fullmetal alchemist, getbackers, giorgio de chirico, go!go!7188, guniw tools, haircuts, hdr, icons, indie, indie rock, interpol, isle of the dead, j-dorama, j-indie, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese indie, japanese language, japanese music, japanese street fashion, jinkaku radio, jrock, kasabian, kekkon dekinai otoko, kill bill, l, l'atalante, lab., layouts, london, loop, love love straw, makeup, manga, marcel duchamp, mark ryden, masanobu ando, max ernst, michael nyman, nobuta wo produce, nookicky, perfect piano lesson, photography, photomanipluation, photoshop, placebo, plastic tree, psychoanalysis, quruli, raise the red lantern, rocky horror picture show, ryutaro, saiyuki, salvador dali, sigmund freud, sleepy hollow, sparta locals, super butter dog, supercar, the fatales, the pillows, thee michelle gun elephant, tim burton, titarenko, united kingdom, vola&the oriental machine, web design, yorkshires, くるり, アナログフィッシュ, カリメロ, グルグル映畫館, ストレイテナー, スネオヘアー, フジファブリック, プラスティシク トゥリー, ムック, レミオロメン, 人格ラヂオ, 古明地洋哉, 奥田民生, 木下 理樹, 犬神サーカス団, 竜太郎